Industrialized products of biogas digesters can be used to treat organic waste, such as dung, straw, grass, leaves, etc. to produce biogas for cooking, heating and generating electricity. Its shape and capacity (varying from 6m3 to 10000m3) are customized and its features are as follows.
a) industrialized production under strict industrial standards and quality inspection on a large scale ensuring its high quality and low cost.
b) light weight and small packing size accounting for easy long-distance transportation.
c) reinforced tensile property, anti-pressure, anti-corrosion and anti sunproof ability accounting for its long work life.
d) ready for installation and really user-friendly, taking only 2-3days to complete a small biogas plant.
e) less civil work, less building time.
f) 100% airtight performance accounting for its high biogas yield.
g) easy to do routine maintenance without going into the biogas digester assuring users' safety

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