precautions of safety
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  • Date:2011/1/21

a.) Cover feed inlet chamber and feed outlet chamber, in case that children or livestock fall into them.

b.) Be cautious of biogas leakage, when biogas cookers or other biogas burners are put out suddenly..

c.) Don’t make a fire or smoke near the biogas digester.

d.) Keep an eye on the biogas digester and safety device. If the pressure caused by the biogas is too high and surplus biogas can escape from the safety device timely, please let go some biogas manually, in case that the biogas digester is broken.

e.) Keep the biogas away from pipe lines, wire, and combustible things, in case that fire accidents might happen.

f.) Don’t try to light the biogas near the pipe directly, in case that it might lead to backfire to cause accidents.

g.) Don’t use it before checking. Use soapy water to check every joint for biogas leakage.

h.) Don’t add fermenting material in a hurry,and don’t use biogas, while adding fermenting material.

i.) It is prohibited to going into the pit for checking without taking any secure measurements. Consume all the biogas in the digester before check it. Keep an eye on the people who work in the pit. Once he or she feels uncomfortable, bring him or her to a ventilated place immediately.

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