Installation of biogas digester
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  • Date:2011/1/21
a.) Build a pit used to hold and protect the biogas digester with bricks, or other construction materials, and make sure the contact interface against the biogas digester is free of sharp things, in case it is pierced by them.

b.) Unfold the biogas digester in the pit, and make sure the biogas outlet faces upwards.  Do not leave the feed inlet or feed outlet of the biogas reactor twisted and make sure the biogas reactor is not overlapped.

c.) remove all the sundries and sharp things on the feed inlet and feed outlet PVC pipes.

d.) Brush the PVC pipes with sealant evenly, and turn both ends of the biogas digester outside, then encase the two PVC pipes into the two ends respectively. Press the ends hardly to make them adhered to the PVC pipes tightly, then fix them with clamping rings.

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