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  • Date:2011/1/21

a.) Add and get out fermenting material frequently so as to produce biogas reliably and continuously for long. Please use specialized pumps to get dregs and liquid out, and do not use sharp things to scrape them out. Such pumps can break deposit, and pump it out. After adding fermenting material, biogas production rate will come to a climax in the first month, beginning to slow down in the second month, decreasing significantly in the third month, and then new fermenting material should be added before the production rate decreases, namely two months after fermenting process begins. According to the actual situation, fermenting materials can be added everyday, if the amount out is the same with the t amount in

b.) In winter, when most of the fermenting materials are needed to be replaced, about 20days should pass since the last add of fermenting materials. Keep at least 20%-30% active sludge that contains lots of methane bacteria as inoculum inside the biogas digester for quick fermentation. Fermenting materials added with lukewarm water can accelerate the fermenting process and increase biogas output in winter

c.). Check PH value with PH indicator paper frequently. Too acid or alkaline fermenting solution will bate the activity of the methane bacteria, whose perfect living environment is neutral or

alkalescent solution. Too much manure will acidify the mixture, whereas too many straws will alkalize it. If PH value is below 6.8, it means the solution is a little acid; if PH value is below 6, that means the solution is acidified and biogas output will decrease significantly or even become none. When acidification happens, add plant ash or lime water to adjust PH value to 6.8-7.5. When alkalization happens, add things like sweet potato powder to adjust PH value to 6.8-7.5. Try to adjust the PH value little by little, and stir the fermenting materials at the same time.


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