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pillow water tank
Pillow water tanks are made of environmentally-friendly, nontoxic polymer material that contains in more than ten kinds of anti-aging, acid-resistant, alkaline-resistant and fire-resistant additives. They have been widely used for storing and transporting water and fuel. Besides, they are very user-friendly, and can be assembled within two minutes with connectors and pipes supplied. After use, they can be folded for future use. Mostly importantly, it is affordable and economical. When large amount of liquid needs to be stored or it is difficult to build permanent reservoirs, our soft liquid storage tanks will be the best solution to your problems. In addition, they can also be used for transferring fire protection water, furnishing cities as emergency water supply systems, or irrigating farms.
Detailed Productd Description

F eatures of Flexible Pillow Water Tank

         Light and foldable for easy storage, movement and transportation

         Cheap cost with high-rate utilization of volume

         Large working temperature range from -50+80

         Non-contamination to drinkable water, fuel or other liquid

         Manufactured in line with international standards and Chinese Hygienic Standard of Polyethylene Products for Food Packaging

         Various sizes ranging from 100L-500000L


Application Fields

         For storing and transporting drinkable water or other liquids

         For storing and transporting aquatic products alive

         For the purpose of drought control and emergent fire protection water supply, especially in mountain areas, forests, or places where hard plastic or metal water tanks cannot access

         For storing and transporting rain and slurry, like bio slurry

         For solving water problems of emergency rescues

         For storing and transporting gasoline, diesel oil or any other fuel liquid


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