Huamei International Green Energy Holding Co, Limited, with its headquarters in Hong Kong and two holding factories in main land, is an innovative and high technology enterprise, aiming at developing user-friendly and environmentally friendly biogas products, such as foldable biogas digesters, biogas generators, biogas cookers, biogas lamps, etc. to help people make and use clean energy from organic waste and providing them with a better life.

 We have broken the traditional biogas digester building process, in which way, a biogas digester is improvised on the construction site. We make biogas digesters on a large scale under strict industrial standards and quality inspection, by which our quality is guaranteed and our competitiveness is enhanced. The best advantage of our of biogas digesters is that they are ready for installation, which can save you lots of work.

 With the support of the professional team and years of experience in this work of life, we are able to undertake various turn-key biogas projects, ranging from small biogas projects for household living to big biogas projects for commercial purposes. We are committed to providing our customers with the exceptional services and technical expertise to meet their requirements. Till now, our company has made great achievements in many countries and areas, such as Thailand, Africa, main China and etc.

 Except for our unique and excellent production technique and professional team, corporation culture is another key element that keeps us ahead. Not only being commercial entity, but also being an advocator and a communicator in leading a new way of life, we’d like to work together with you to make a better and cleaner world under the big background of the CDM plan.

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